Never too late to learn English (again)

I was customizing the blog when this thought comes in my mind. Couple years ago, I was in 5th grade of elementary school when I had got my first English class. It should be started from one grade before, but when the program were introduced, I was already in 5th.

Since then, I had interacted English frequently, not only in regular class but also sometimes in private English course. But no matter how much I joined course, my English skill doesn’t improved significantly. You already know it by reading this post that contains so many broken grammar unidentified by me. People have to practice hard when studying English, and at that I point I found my weakness.

Yeah, this day I live in modern life, although almost 100% of my communication nowadays using Bahasa Indonesia, but the fact about my low capability in English is really disturbing me. Sooner or later, I have to communicate in English with foreign people: explain something to them, reply their email, etc. I have imagined some kind of awkward moment when I’m in the middle of conversation with foreigner, then I’m stuck in the moment of silence because I can’t find the appropriate word for my thought, or when somebody explains something in English to me and I’m just like “sorry”, “can you repeat please”. Then he simply answer with sarcasm “are you have trouble with your ears”?

Some of my friends work in multinational companies, which are using international language for daily communication. Sometimes it makes me jealous, because they have more media to practice English, or at least they have more reasons to learn English harder than me. Now after several years, I found them post/explain something in English easily, like it has already become their first language.

Finally, thanks to you all for inspiring me. Better light up the candle than get exhausted for cursing the darkness. Better late than never. Before the condition’s getting worse, I decide to restart learning English again. Started from this, let me post anything in this blog using English. Great thanks grammar nazi for criticizing my every post, and never feel hesitate to do it, because it makes me learn faster. Hopefully I can manage it consistently to upskill my English well.

In the end, here is Henry Ford’s quote for you:

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young”.


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