Capturing the Moment of Life

Always learn something new. That’s what I read from an article couple weeks ago. I love take photos from my smartphone and admire the art of photography. Since I saw my friend (who is a traveler) often upload his photo collections in Path, then I’m like, “Hmm… Someday I will take a lot of beautiful photos too!”.

Step forward to the next milestone. Start from the moment when my friend won award by writing article. The prize is a camera, mirrorless camera. He told me that he didn’t really need it. He asked me whether I have some friend who looking for camera. Curiously, I find out more information about the stuff. Later, I think that it could be a good start for learning photography. So why don’t I buy that camera instead?

Luckily, the plan goes well. The camera is now in hand and I couldn’t be happier. Great thanks to Mas Yasir for giving me this awesome opportunity :). The next challenge is learn how to make an amazing photos. It’s not about the camera, the objects, or the light settings. It’s about the skill and experience, the man behind the camera. I have a plan to buy some photography books, but haven’t be realized yet until today. So I read some article online to study about what is rule of third, the exposure triangle (shutter speed, aperture, ISO), and what a good photo is.

The first chance is when I back home last weekend. I try to capture around my house. Here’s some for you. You can see it also by visiting my Instagram.

(Field next to my house)

(My dad’s collection)

(Back to my hobby when I was in college. Credit to Mas Prast who taught me rail photography)

Still need more hours to be perfect, still need to learn a lot to improve everything. But this new hobby really boost my spirit up. Can’t wait to travel and take photo again! Thank you for reading, here’s greeting from her:


(She and her chubby cheeks)


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